Naturopathic Treatments

The Naturalpath Practice offers personally tailored naturopathic treatments.

Upon arrival you will receive a warm welcome and a refreshing drink.

We will then discuss your health concerns and personal goals, and you will receive a thorough health check, using a range of diagnostic techniques.

Naturopathy Clinic

Baby and children treatments. Image by Haim Campias

Treatments and lifestyle advice are tailored according to your personal needs, and can include a variety of treatment methods.

Diet and nutrition, massage and the use of healing herbs are some of the treatments used in our practice.

Nutrition and Diet

Herbal Medicine and remedies

Naturalpath Practice specialises in Women's and Children's Health, and some of our successful experience includes: Allergies, Skin Conditions, Eczema, Acne, Strengthening Immunity, Digestive Complaints, Hormonal Imbalance, Support throughout Pregnancy, Promoting Optimum Health and Prevention of Disease.

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