• Yaarit Ran

    Yaarit Ran

Yaarit Leah Ran

I am a registered family orientated naturopathic physician with a patient centred approach. Following naturopathic principles I work with each individual to identify and treat the cause of his or her particular health concerns. 

I qualified and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree (BSc Hons) in Health Sciences: Naturopathy from the University of Westminster, London. As part of my studies I also trained in naturopathic hydrotherapy in the Kneipp School in Germany.

By combining modern and current scientific research with traditional methods of healthcare, and applying natural, gentle, and effective treatments to suit each individual's needs, I always seek to help patients to regain vitality and achieve their personal goals.

I am passionate about the healing power of water, herbs, and bodywork, and the ability of people to transform their health through some lifestyle changes. Throughout the treatment I encourage and support patients and their families on their journey towards optimum health and wellbeing.

The Naturalpath Practice

The Naturalpath Practice operates from South Molton street in central London, and from my home practice in Ruislip, London.

It is a naturopathic family practice that provides a high level of natural healthcare in a welcoming environment. Naturalpath offers a holistic, patient centred approach, using naturopathic diagnostic techniques and treatments to guide people of all ages towards their natural path to health.

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